May 2023 – We regret to inform you that the installer for Solar Streets,
IDDEA Limited, has gone into Administration

Andy Tunstall, Managing Director, The Green Group (UK) Limited

UPDATE: 22 June 2023 – We have not been informed what is happening with the potential takeover of IDDEA after trying unsuccessfully to make contact and so, with regret, we have decided to withdraw from the Solar Streets project. We will be setting up something with another installer, so if you would like to contact us directly then please email us on

UPDATE May 2023: the company that was supposed to buy the assets of IDDEA has not as yet signed the deal and we are unsure of whether they will go ahead or not. I am afraid we do not have any reassurances for you at this time as we do not know who will take over the assets or what they intend to do with them. We are sorry that we cannot give you better news and will give you further information when we have it.