Check your roof is suitable or get a Free Quotation – email info@IDDEA.co.uk with your name, address and phone number and put Henley Solar Streets in the Subject Line.  If you get a message back saying IDDEA cannot quote at the moment, then email Info@SolarStreets.co.uk and we will put you on a waiting list for a quotation so you don’t miss out.  This is due to the rise in demand for solar panels because of the sudden increase in electricity prices, and the shortage of parts and batteries because of global events – all solar companies have been affected by this – please be patient and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible.

Q&A Zoom Call

Thursday 19th November 2020 at 7.30pm

Do you have any questions about Henley Solar Streets.  If so, please take advantage of this Q&A zoom call and register at Info@SolarStreets.co.uk to get access and password.

If you’ve looked through this site and you still have questions then you can email us on Info@SolarStreets.co.uk


Who is Involved?

A Message from your Climate Emergency Working Group

Tony Hoskins, Chair of Henley’s Climate Emergency Working Group says when Henley Town Council declared a Climate Emergency, the working group was set up to find ways to reduce Henley’s carbon footprint. Solar Streets is an important way for us to achieve this – and it will save residents money. I was so impressed with their approach that my family was one of the first homes to have Solar Streets panels installed on our roof.”


What’s the Deal?


What is available in the Scheme?

Standard Offering

The Standard Offering is a 4kWp system including installation. However, you may need a smaller or larger system, and these are both offered with the same percentage discount as the Standard Offering.  You may also wish to take advantage of optional extras (see below).

The Technical Survey will also highlight any potential issues we need to take into consideration, like a problem roof or difficult access to your property, and these may change the price of the installation.  However, all of these options will be explained to you after the Technical Survey when we know more about your property and your electricity useage.  You will be given a quotation for whatever system you think is right for you, and everything will be priced clearly with no hard sell.

Solar PV Panels

  • The standard offering now features black 340Wp panels from reputable experienced manufacturers of solar panels Jinko and JA Solar who are two of the biggest suppliers in the world

  • A standard 4kWp, 12 panel system saves 1.5T of carbon dioxide per year according to the Energy Saving Trust (energysavingtrust.org.uk)

Optional Extras

Battery Storage Systems

  • Both “dumb” – simple storage of your panel’s output and discharge to your home, and

  • “Advanced” – Artificial Intelligence based systems that optimise exports and imports by looking at wholesale prices in the electricity market


  • use this neat little add-on device, which attaches to your water tank, to heat your water with your solar energy

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

  • we can easily put in a charging point for your electric vehicle at the same time


Helpful Videos

To find out more information on the Scheme then click on the green boxes below.

Please note:  if you are hard of hearing or find it difficult to watch the videos then we have written transcripts available for all of them – just ask us for them on Info@SolarStreets.co.uk 



How do I get the Deal?

Solar Panels

If you want Solar Panels installed then you can simply contact IDDEA directly through Info@IDDEA.co.uk – they will first conduct a desktop survey of your property making sure it is suitable for solar panels and they will then arrange a free, no obligation physical survey on your property (all social distancing guidelines will be followed).  If you want any added extras they will explain them all to you clearly and with transparant prices – there will be no hard sell.

Energy Deal with Octopus Energy

If you wish to find out about the energy deal with Octopus Energy then click the Octopus Picture below – this does not commit you to anything, it will only give you a quote.  You then need to decide for yourself whether you want to switch supplier or not.  If you do switch to Octopus you will receive £50 from Octopus and the Henley Community Fund will also receive £50.  You do not have to wait for your panels to be installed before you switch; in fact you do not even have to have panels installed – you can use this link to switch to Octopus energy at any time and they will still contribute to the community fund.

Octopus Energy Deal

Please note:  neither IDDEA, The Green Group, or anybody associated with Solar Streets receives any money or commission from Octopus Energy for this deal – you get £50 and the Community Fund gets £50 – that’s it!

Any other Questions?

If, after looking through the information above, you have any other questions then please feel free to email us on Info@SolarStreets.co.uk