*includes Purley, Pangbourne, Streatley, Goring, Whitchurch, Sonning, Caversham & Reading

Check your roof is suitable or get a Free Quotation – email with your name, address and phone number and put Thameside Solar Streets in the Subject Line.  If you get a message back saying IDDEA cannot quote at the moment, then email and we will put you on a waiting list for a quotation so you don’t miss out.  This is due to the rise in demand for solar panels because of the sudden increase in electricity prices, and the shortage of parts and batteries because of global events – all solar companies have been affected by this – please be patient and we will get a quote to you as soon as possible.
With electricity prices soaring, now is a good time to start generating your own electricity. Solar Streets is a way of getting solar panels for your house or business at discounted prices.  You can directly help in the fight against climate change, as well as helping your local community, as a donation is given to the Community Fund on every install – £50 for a domestic installation and £100 for a commercial one – the Fund will be used for green projects in your area. 
Your solar panels will be installed by IDDEA Ltd.  Established in 2007, IDDEA are based out of Westbury in Wiltshire, but have teams operating in your area, and have installed over 1,000 solar projects across the South – they are committed to supporting communities taking action against climate change. 
They have installed Solar Streets projects in neighbouring areas including Newbury, Thatcham, Didcot, Wallingford, and Henley, as well as further afield in Frome, Wells, Swanage, and others.
If you have any questions to do with Solar Streets or anything you’ve seen on this page then email us at and we’ll get back to you.
Let’s make Thameside Solar Streets an effective weapon in the fight to halt Climate Change and Save Our Planet.

Launch Presentation and Q&A session via Zoom

Thursday 3rd March 2022 at 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm

If you missed the presentation above then click HERE for the replay

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Who is Involved?

A Message from your Green Advocates

“Purley Sustainability Group (PSG) are delighted to partner with IDDEA to bring Solar Streets to Purley on Thames. As we all know, it is essential that we reduce carbon emissions on both a local and national scale in order to tackle the ongoing climate emergency. We are hoping lots of residents will take advantage of the Solar Streets offer and invest in affordable, renewable energy to ensure more of their daily electricity use is zero carbon, and therefore better for the planet and the local community.”

Purley Sustainability Group

“Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group is delighted to be able to participate in the Solar Streets scheme.  Even before the recent surge in energy prices, Solar PV technology had come on so much in recent years that, despite the Feed-In Tariff no longer being available, the drop in system costs and increase in generation efficiency has more than made up for this.  The increase in efficiency also means that if you live in a house that was previously considered to have too little roof space for a PV system, then it is very likely that an installation will now be feasible. Community orientated schemes like Solar Streets have been proven to be an excellent way to increase uptake of Solar PV installations – in particular, they provide a trusted supplier who is specifically seeking repeat business within the same locations. “

Goring and Streatley Sustainability Group


“Most People want to play a role in tackling Climate Change, provided that it is relatively easy for them to do so.  PAWS welcomes involvement in the Solar Streets Scheme because it enables people to do this and take some control of their own energy production. The cost and efficiency of modern solar panels, along with the cost saving involved in this scheme, mean that now is an excellent time to promote the partnership.”

Pangbourne and Whitchurch Sustainability Group


“Plastic Free Caversham welcomes all sustainable projects that are deployed in the area and we are delighted Thameside Solar Streets has become an ally of PFC and pledged to reduce their single use plastic use.  Adding renewable energy generation capability to your home is very much part of our move to a sustainable future and we will be encouraging our members to look into the discounted solar PV offer with its community fund donation towards sustainable projects.”

Plastic Free Caversham


“As a long time Sonning resident I welcome the arrival of Solar Streets in the village as part of the Thameside Scheme.  I am also both a director of Reading Community Energy Society who offer free solar panels to suitable organisations and a member of the Marlow Energy Group and have seen at first-hand how successful Solar Streets has been in Marlow and Henley-on-Thames.  The idea of access to low cost bespoke solar quotations is very appealing to me as it reduces everyone’s reliance on rapidly escalating grid priced electricity which can now be economically replaced by green power from your own rooftop. “

Dr Tony Cowling, Founder, Reading Hydro CBS


What’s the Deal?

1T Carbon Saved per installation


What is available in the Scheme?

Standard Offering

The Standard Offering is a 3.7 kWp system including installation and is from £5,050 – this is likely to suit a 3-Bedroom house. However, you may need a smaller or larger system, and these are available, just ask.  For example, a 4.44 kWp system of 12 panels is from £5,450 and will suit a larger house or larger consumption of electricity. You may also wish to take advantage of optional extras (see below).

Unfortunately prices have increased this year due to increased transportation costs and leaps in the price of fuel, but you will find that this has affected all solar installers – also, be aware they may have to increase again with the current volatile world situation.  However, if you have already had a quote then the price you have been quoted will be honoured if you are within the acceptance period shown on your quotation.

Solar PV Panels

  • The standard offering now features black 370Wp panels, from JA Solar Panels, Jinko panels or Longi by Trina Solar.  These Chinese manufacturers are listed as 8, 8.5 and 8.5 respectively in the top 19 Ethical Companies Report.  See below for images from the report.

  • A standard 3.7 kWp, 10 panel system saves just under 1T of carbon dioxide per year (Jan2022) according to the Energy Saving Trust (  If you imagine a cube 8.2 m (27 ft) filled with carbon dioxide, then that’s the amount of carbon saved in 1T.

The Community Fund

  • IDDEA add £50 per residential installation and £100 for a commercial installation into the Community Fund

  • The Community Fund will be spent on green projects to benefit your area and will be administered by the green groups shown above

Optional Extras

Optimised System
  • If you are worried about losing power from your panels because of shading issues, or a single panel failing and knocking out the others, then you can upgrade your system to an optimised system.  This uses a different inverter which controls optimisers on each panel so that if one panel has a problem, the inverter takes it out of the system so it doesn’t affect the rest of the panels and they will go on producing electricity as normal.  We only suggest an optimised system if you have a severe shading problem as it is not necessary otherwise.  When you ask IDDEA for a quote be sure to tell them you may want an optimised system.  This will add approximately £990 onto the cost of your normal system whatever size system you go for, but it will be itemised in the quote so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Battery Storage Systems
  • If you are going to need to use your Solar PV output in the evening then you will need a battery to store the energy during the day for use later. A 5kW Givenergy battery is from £3,100 fitted when you have it installed with the panels.

  • You can have a battery fitted later if you want but it will be more expensive as the VAT changes.  The price installed with the panels only has 5% VAT on it, but the price installed later has 20% VAT on it.  Sorry, there’s nothing we can do about this!

  • Use this neat little add-on device, which attaches to your water tank, to heat your water with your solar energy.  The iBoost diverts any excess solar power to your tank to heat your water (rather than using your gas or oil boiler to do this).  This generally saves you more money than selling your excess back to the grid at 5p per unit.  Please note:  you need a water tank with a heating element, this doesn’t work on combi-boilers. An iBoost is approx £315 when fitted with your panels.

Electric Vehicle Charging Points
  • We can easily put in a charging point for your electric vehicle at the same time as we install your panels.  However, IDDEA generally don’t do stand-alone charging points – it’s only cost effective if it’s done on the back of installing your panels.  

  • If your electric car is sat at home during the day (as many are at the moment) then you can use your panels to charge it.  Many people think about using their car battery as battery storage to use later, but you can only do this if you have a 2-way charger so you can take the power out of the battery and back to the grid when you need to.  Most 2-way chargers are only in trials at the moment, but you will be able to buy them in the future.  Currently IDDEA only install regular one way chargers.


You must decide how to fund the panels yourself – there are the usual funding avenues for you to explore, including re-mortgaging and low percentage loans, but you must decide yourself what is appropriate for your situation – we cannot offer you financial advice.  IDDEA take debit and credit cards.


Commercial Options

For all the options below please remember to let us know you are part of Thameside Solar Streets so we can apply your discount.

Solar Canopies

  • For businesses who don’t have enough roof space or just want extra solar electricity, you can add solar canopies to your car park space – you can still use it as a car park but the panels sit on a canopy above the cars on a secure steel structure – ask us at


  • If you use a lot of electricity in your business and have a large roof on your workspace then ask us about a commercial installation and see how you can save on your electricity bill – ask us at

  • If your business doesn’t have the funds to hand for the installation but you still want to use Green Electricity then ask us about a Power Purchase Agreement where you do not have any upfront cost but you can still save money on the per unit rate you pay for your electricity – please note, a PPA usually runs for 10 to 25 years so it is not a short-term option, but can be a great option if you own your building or have a very long lease – ask us at

  • The Power Purchase Agreement (explained above), is a particularly good option for SCHOOLS and COLLEGES that have the roof space and the electricity demand but don’t have the immediate funds, because you will usually either own the building or be staying in the same building for a long time.  All the upfront costs of installing and maintaining the panels are paid for – you can then save money on your electricity bills by paying a lower per unit rate for your electricity secure in the knowledge that you are also reducing your carbon footprint.  This is a great teaching point for your students also.


Helpful Videos

To find out more information on the Scheme then click on the green boxes below.

Please note:  if you are hard of hearing or find it difficult to watch the videos then we have written transcripts available for all of them – just ask us for them on 



How Do I Get the Deal?

  • Contact IDDEA directly through and tell them you are part of Thameside Solar Streets.  Provide your name, phone number and address with postcode.

  • They will conduct a desktop survey of your property making sure it is suitable for solar panels – this is done across the internet using Google Earth. 

  • They will usually then come and see you for a physical survey so they can produce a free quotation that is tailored to your property. If you want any added extras they will explain them all to you clearly and with transparant prices – there will be no hard sell ever. 

  • When you accept the quotation in principal, IDDEA will resubmit the quotation to you and if you want to go ahead then a 25% deposit is taken. Please be assured that IDDEA are members of HIES, which offers consumers protection against unforseen issues.  If anything should happen to IDDEA and they could not continue your installation, then HIES will make sure you get your money back and offer you legal advice. 

  • A date will be set for the installation and just before installation takes place then the second payment of 35% is payable.

  • When the installation is complete and successfully signed off you pay the third and final payment which is 40%.

  • Even during lockdown solar panels can be installed as they are classed as “permitted construction”.

Any other Questions?

If, after looking through the information above, you have any other questions then please feel free to email us on